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Ellen J. Barrier
Author, Singer and Songwriter
Weapons of Warfare: ISBN 09794043-3-9  Copyright© 2010    
Recording artist__ Ellen J. Barrier 
This teaching is to inspire courage, hope and strength. I address the issues of life's challenges that confront every person in some way. No one is isolated from them.
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My Story behind the Lyrics by Ellen J. Barrier

 "I Want to Feel Your Power Today"
This is my story, behind the lyrics of this song.

  Ellen J. Barrier
Singer and Songwriter

My Story:

The ladder of success has many steps to climb, they are narrow and only one foot can fit upon each of them.
You can only take one step at a time. The more titles you add to your Resume the number of steps increases on your ladder of success, and so does the challenges.

 On my ladder of success I have faced many challenges from outside forces.  There were times when I felt as though I was barely hanging on. Multiple challenges were surmountable.

There were people who didn’t want me to succeed, and did everything they could to hinder my success.  There were some who discouraged me from continuing my goal to climb the ladder of success.

Other challenges I faced were financial, health, stress from lack of sleep due to all of the heavy burdens that weighted upon me.

This was the point in my life, when I was holding on to the ladder of success with all of the strength I had to keep from falling. I couldn't make the next step. 

On the day I sat at my keyboard and started to play music, the lyrics for "I want to Feel Your Power Today" came from within my Spiritual being to God. It was during this song that I was able to free my mind and feel  peace and strength,  I emptied all my emotions  that day while singing this song that I had no written words prior to.

Overwhelmed with my emotions, I cried all of the way through the song. Yet, it is not revealed in the song.  However, what appears to be tiny flaws, are at the points when I felt, I wouldn’t be able to continue the song. After I had finished singing the song, I knew I could continue up the ladder of success, because I felt a surge of power within my spirit that I had never felt before. And I said to those who no longer supported me; I will never give up! God needed to have me to know that within my Spiritual being, I know he will never fail me, because he loves me. He healed me of the illness I received from an injury, stress, financial distress, and blessed me abundantly.

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