We Were Meant for Each Other

Our love is unlike any others.
God gave us one soul, and one heart,
so we would never  be apart.

Within your eyes, I see myself.
And within my eyes, you see yourself.
We exist, because of each other.
And we both know; there will never be any others.

I was meant for you, and you were meant for me.
This is how our love came to be.

Our love is the light shining within one soul, and one heart
that beats with happiness of a love that will always be true.
You were meant for me, and I was meant for you.

There will never be any others; that could come between us and separate
our heart. We were created by God. He gave us one soul, and one heart
so that we would never be apart.

__Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Creative Writer/Musician

Separation in A relationship Between Couples

A relationship without a commitment, is not a serious one.

Some people say separation in a relationship strengthens it. To deliberately separate yourself, from the person you are in a relationship with raises the question on commitment.  

 __ Ellen J. Barrier

I Stand by You

Ellen J. Barrier
In good times, I will celebrate with you.
In your difficult times, I will support you.
If you are ever in trouble, we will get through it together_
I will stand by you.
Neither distance nor time or any other, can ever separate this
connection of a true friendship, I have come to know that is very special.
It would be my pleasure, to stand by you forever.

*In the spirit of peace and friendship, I dedicate "I Stand by You" to all my friends.
­­___Ellen J. Barrier
Author/musician/song witer/creative writing and poetry

The "Down" Game

Ellen J. Barrier

There is a game in life, called “Down.”  If you play it, you will lose.
I don’t play the “Down” game. 
When I am told, I will lose, I say, I will win!
When I am told I can’t succeed, I say, I will.  
If I am told to stop! I proceed, I persevere!
When I am confronted with difficulties, I endure.
I won’t play this game of control!
I don't back down, and I don't stand down.
I won’t bow down, for anyone.
I won’t play the “Down” game!
I am prepared to win, and not for shame.

*The way out of any bad situation is to never give up.
__ Ellen J. Barrier

"The Down Game"
Written by Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Musician/Song Writer/Creative Writing and Poetry