Is It So Wrong To Fall in Love Music Album by Ellen Jean Barrier


Is It So Wrong To Fall in LOVE and Sacrifice
I built a world that I called my home until your eyes met mine.
I feel the burning flames of fire within my soul, that lets me know I have found the one who has made me complete. His Love replaced my world.
Is it so wrong to fall in Love and Sacrifice

We Were Meant for Each Other
Our love is unlike any others.
God gave us one soul, and one heart,
so that we would never  be apart.
Within your eyes, I see myself.
And within my eyes, you see yourself.
We exist, because of each other.
And we both know; there will never be any others.
I was meant for you, and you were meant for me.
This is how our love came to be.
Our love is the light shining within one soul, and one heart
that beats with happiness of a love that will always be true.
You were meant for me, and I was meant for you.
There will never be any others; that could come between us and separate
our heart. We were created by God. He gave us one soul, and one heart
so that we would never be apart.

I Love You Forever
My love for you is stronger than any problem could ever be.
As long as you are here beside me; nothing else will matter to me.
 We will always be together; just you and me forever__
Your love, I hold within my heart; each heart beat strengthen it even more.
As each day pass, my love for you, grows stronger than the day before.
Love has joined us, our hearts together.
Just You And Me Forever

I Am His and He Is Mine
His mouth is so sweet; yes, he is altogether AWESOME!
The soft spoken words that he whispers in my ear, and his gentle touch, assures me, I am safe when he is here.
When I am in his arms, I have no need to fear.
I am his, and he is mine.
Our love will stand throughout the end of time.
Is It So Wrong To Fall In LOVE and Sacrifice

___ Ellen J. Barrier

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