God's Love and Grace

Lyrics to God’s Love and Grace

Lord you are to me, what the Potter is to the clay
I am your creation and I know each day I awake
You have kept me safe

And God I know it’s your Love and your Grace
For every breath I take and every step I make
 I truly know that it is your Grace
God’s Love keeps me safe
His Love won’t let me go astray
His Love protects me and I know his Love keeps me safe
It’s God’s Love

For every step I take and every move I make
It’s God’s Love
God’s Love and his Grace keeps me safe
I know it is his Love
God’s Love and his Grace keeps me safe

And Lord, for the eyes I have to see I thank you Lord
Oh Lord, for I know each thing I look upon and see the beauty of the things you have made
I know it’s your Love and your Grace

I thank you Lord for all I am
Thank you, for eyes to see
I thank you, for ears to hear
For the breath I take and every word I speak, and every step I take
I thank you Lord

It’s your Love, your Grace that I am able to feel the things I touch
I’m thankful Lord

I’m just so thankful Lord for your Love and your Grace, for I know I am your clay
You are my potter and It’s your love that keep me safe
And Lord for every goal I have made I thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
Oh I thank you Lord

Writer:  Ellen Jean Barrier
 Artist/Musician/Singer and Songwriter

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Being thankful for the things we take for granted, is worth taking pause to understand that they can be taken away within a moment.____ Ellen Jean Barrier