God's Love and Grace

Lyrics to God’s Love and Grace

Lord you are to me, what the Potter is to the clay
I am your creation and I know each day I awake
You have kept me safe

And God I know it’s your Love and your Grace
For every breath I take and every step I make
 I truly know that it is your Grace
God’s Love keeps me safe
His Love won’t let me go astray
His Love protects me and I know his Love keeps me safe
It’s God’s Love

For every step I take and every move I make
It’s God’s Love
God’s Love and his Grace keeps me safe
I know it is his Love
God’s Love and his Grace keeps me safe

And Lord, for the eyes I have to see I thank you Lord
Oh Lord, for I know each thing I look upon and see the beauty of the things you have made
I know it’s your Love and your Grace

I thank you Lord for all I am
Thank you, for eyes to see
I thank you, for ears to hear
For the breath I take and every word I speak, and every step I take
I thank you Lord

It’s your Love, your Grace that I am able to feel the things I touch
I’m thankful Lord

I’m just so thankful Lord for your Love and your Grace, for I know I am your clay
You are my potter and It’s your love that keep me safe
And Lord for every goal I have made I thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
Oh I thank you Lord

Writer:  Ellen Jean Barrier
 Artist/Musician/Singer and Songwriter

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Being thankful for the things we take for granted, is worth taking pause to understand that they can be taken away within a moment.____ Ellen Jean Barrier

Send Me an Angel by Ellen Jean Barrier

Wishing  you many blessings of Peace, Joy and Happiness on this day, and for many days to come.

Video contents are inspirational music, scriptural readings and a prayer by Ellen Jean Barrier, and a special reading with the Barrier Girls.

“I don't back down, and I don't stand down. “

Words from the Down Game, is the spirit of perseverance that release the power of boldness when facing challenges that enables the individual to achieve success.

The “Down” Game
There is a game in life, called “Down.”  If you play it, you will lose.
I don’t play the “Down” game. 
When I am told, I will lose, I say, I will win!
When I am told I can’t succeed, I say, I will.  
If I am told to stop! I proceed, I persevere!

When I am confronted with difficulties, I endure.
I won’t play this game of control!
I don't back down, and I don't stand down.
I won’t bow down for anyone.
I won’t play the “Down” game!
I am prepared to win, and not for shame.

*The way out of any bad situation is to never give up.

The "Down" Game  written by__ Ellen Jean Barrier
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Contentment Performed by Ellen Jean Barrier

Ellen Jean Barrier
Musician/Singer/Songwriter and Author
Contentment is a relaxing piece of music to listen to. It is created to bring a peaceful atmosphere into the mind of the listener, and create a comfortable mood.

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The Importance of Music in Our Lives

Little Chick Performed by Ellen Jean Barrier/Musician, Singer Songwriter and Author


Little Chicky! 
Shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x2)
Little Chicky!
Spread your wings little chicky (repeat x 2)
And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chick!
Fold your wings little chicky (repeat x 2)
 And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chicky!
Come up little chicky (repeat x 2)
And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chicky!
Come up little chicky (repeat x 2)
And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chicky!
Step back little chicky (repeat x 2)
And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chicky!
Go left little chicky (repeat x 2)
And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chicky!
Go right little chicky (repeat x 2)
And shake your tail feather
Shake your tail feather (repeat x 6)
Little Chicky!
 Shake Your Tail Feather!

Audio, Lyrics and Music by Ellen Jean Barrier

The Enjoyment of Music and Love

Ellen Jean Barrier
Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Author
When we listen to our favorite songs, we are inspired by the memories of romance that satisfies our feeling of a relationship.  In an existing relationship, such songs can bring closeness and create happiness, that produces a long-lasting love that will continue to grow.
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I Can’t Live Without You
To My Husband
Written by Ellen Jean Barrier

From the day we met at the age of 14 years, our love has grown throughout the years. It has been one of a spiritual force that will forever dwell within my heart. Our journey on this path has led us to marriage with a beautiful family. God has blessed us with profound happiness of two hearts that beat as one, and I Can’t Live Without You.

I Can't Live Without You

You’re in all my dreams
You’re in all my thoughts
I can’t live without you
You are all I need
And everything I desire
You have made my life complete
I can’t live without you
You are my life
You are my hope
You are my happiness
You are my love and truth
I can’t live without you
You have made my life complete
and I can’t live without you

Written by Ellen Jean Barrier

Music Can Be Described in Several Ways

“Music is like medicine. It can bring relief to the aches and stressful situations that life brings. We live in a world of music. There is sound and rhythm everywhere we go!” 
― Ellen J. Barrier

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"Music is the greatest entertainment; and the only language everyone understand."
“Music is the Universal Language that allows all people to communicate with each other.” 
― Ellen J. Barrier

“Music is exciting and easy to enjoy, the rhythm and voice.
It does not need interpretation. That is why it is called the Universal Language.” 
_ Ellen J. Barrier

There are many genres of music. And there cannot be one way to describe it.
__Ellen J. Barrier

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True Friendship

Your true friend is the one who will never walk away in your time of need.
Regardless of the situation, time or location, your true friend will stand by you__ Ellen J. Barrier

The Healing Effects of Music

From the biblical days to the present, music has strengthened its roots in our society. We use music to relax, to entertain and to uplift our spirits in times of unhappiness, and for many occasions. Music is therapeutic, because of the healing effects it has within the soul.

Can you imagine a party without music?

It would be boring to have a party without music to add a comforting effect within the souls of the guests. In today’s music industry, we have embraced all of the musical roots within our cultures and accepted it as our universal language.

The genres of music is welcome in society as; alternative, anime, blues, children  music, classical, comedy, country, dance, easy listening, holiday, Indie Pop, industrial, inspirational, instrumental, Jazz, karaoke, kayokyoku, Latino, new age, opera, pop, R & B, Reggae, rock, singer/songwriter,  soundtrack, spoken word, vocal and world music.

As a singer and songwriter, I enjoy listening to all of the genres and styles of music. Each artist has something special to offer the listener. It is all about the attitude and style of the artist that that holds the attention of the listener.

 Written by Ellen J. Barrier
Singer and Songwriter, Recording Artist, And Author of The Price We Must Pay for Our Father's Sins a film production released from the book for this movie.

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I Can't Live Without You Is A New Release by Singer/Songwriter and Author Ellen J. Barrier, Is Available for Listeners on Sound Cloud  @   https://soundcloud.com/ellenuser258021519
Ellen J. Barrier

Singer, songwriter and author Ellen J. Barrier has risen from the local church and school to the silver screen and big stage on the wings of a diverse collection of music and literature.

 Driven by a soulful, sweet voice and lyrics appealing to both adults and children, her creations blend themes of faith, spirituality, love and positivity. With another album released in 2014, this is yet another step forward for one of Wichita’s truly remarkable and burgeoning talents.

As owner of Barrier’s Books & Associates, she established herself as versatile entrepreneur and marketer, purveying a great selection of Inspirational music and literature. With 7 published albums already in her repertoire, Barrier continued to write throughout the 1990's and up to 2014, eventually spearheading a novel that would lead to her first big break.

Known as a ‘slice of life’ story, The Price We Must Pay for Our Father’s Sins was first published in 1997, resulting in a near immediate sell out. The book was revitalized in May 2012 as a digital publication, generating hits and downloads from around the country on a daily basis. Before she knew it, film production began in late 2012 and her novel was selected for Best Screenplay at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2013.

Now on a path to take her store, writing and music to the next level, Barrier continued to pen her inspirational and romantic songs for release in 2014. New poems and tracks are beginning to pop up on her blog and official website, giving listeners a taste of what’s in store for the upcoming year.

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