Send Me an Angel

by Ellen J. Barrier
Trouble came to me today
And the tears won’t stop.
Now, my eyes I can’t dry
So, I come to you and say
Send me an angel to stop these tears
And take this burden away.
Send me an angel.
Lord, send me an angel to comfort me
And keep me safe from harm.
Lord, send me an angel.

__ Ellen J. Barrier                                            

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My Friend

I never thought I could find a friend in you_until you rescued me.
In times of trouble_You are my defense.
When I'm discouraged, and weak_
You are my hope and strength.
I never thought I could find a friend in you_ until you rescued me.
You crowned my head with wisdom, knowledge_ and faith, and sent your holy angel to take good care
of me. I never knew I could find a friend in you_
until you rescued me.

 ___Ellen J. Barrier

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 "I Want to Feel Your Power Today" is a cry to God, when one is in desperate need to hear from him. I have been in desperate need to hear from God, many times. I was sitting at my keyboard, one day, and needing very much to hear from him. At the time I was singing this song, I was expressing my emotions to God. I had no words written. I wrote the words after recording the song, when I decided to share it public. Those who have heard this song, testifies that it "Relaxed and calmed" them. My call to God was heard. He is a great and awesome God!
__ Ellen J. Barrier