Barrier's Books & Associates Extravaganza of 2017

Coming To Wichita, Kansas

Location: Wichita Marriott 9100 Corporate Hills Drive Wichita, Kansas
Kansas Grand Ballroom
Phone Number: 1-316-651-0333 ( Marriott Hotel)

Barrier's Books & Associates (316) 201-6178)

Dates: September 22 on Friday and September 23 on Saturday
Time:  10:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m

Event: Talent and Skills Show
and More

Host: Ellen J. Barrier
This is a Promotional Event for those who want to show off their talents and skills for free. Please note that Barrier's Books & Associates do not Pay the Performers. 

Listen to the video for details: 

Things to make our event enjoyable:
Food and Door Prizes, Internet, and Technology. There will be Display Tables for art, books, health products and others.

Admission:  Please send a donation and the number of people attending this event.

If  you are a performer, please note what your talent is: If you have a product to display, please describe it. To Participate in This Event PLEASE SEND A DONATION TO THE ADDRESS BELOW OR PAY BY CREDIT CARD

Barrier's Books & Associates  ( Send check or money order )
P.O. Box 12269
Wichita, Kansas 67277-2269


Number of people attending and their names listed below:
Number of people attending (   )

If any of these individuals will be performing at this event, please note the type of performance, and give the name of each individual

Amount of Donation:    $______________________________

You may send information to the Email Address,  or to the P.O. Box Address Above. or call this telephone number (316) 201-6178