My name is ROAR, and I came to perform on this show.
Listen my friends; there is something about me you ought to know;  
I like music, I like to dance, I like to party with people I know.
I am going to let out a roar!
It will be the sound of music that will get you out  
on the floor; dancing, and having fun; you know how we roar!
Don’t run for the door, before I roar. I am going to steal this show.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

The Power of the voice

This roar, is released with authority, boldness, and confidence. Courage and strength, is felt in the power of the sound.
Release your roar, and the sound of your voice, will carry an echo that will be heard by a greater number of ears than you could ever possibly imagine. Within such a roar, the spirit of perseverance to face challenges without fear, is in the heart .
I encourage you to use your talent, to pursue your dreams.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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