Magnetic Desire in a Relationship

Desire in A Relationship is like magnet; it draws two people together regardless of what others may do, or say. It is not about age, nor riches, and not even looks alone.  

It is about how the two people make each other feel; that attracts them to each other. 

The magnetic desire within two people wanting to be together, is too powerful for anyone to prevent.

How to hold on to that magnetic desire; is something that the two people have to continue to work on throughout their relationship or it will eventually cease to exist.

Making the other person feel important to you; holds the magnetic desire in a relationship.

Love is expressed. It is that special feeling that is felt that makes a person feel loved and needed. A special touch, and doing something that words alone cannot express, means a lot to that someone that needs to feel needed and appreciated.

A relationship has to be nourished frequently, in order to survive. It is not about buying expensive gifts, that would not inspire the meaning of Love, because Love is priceless. It is about the deep feeling that is rooted within the soul. It is about wanting to be with that other part of your soul, the spirit of the one whose heart beats with the same rhythm as yours. The presence of that special someone lives within your soul, two souls becoming as one.

I wrote the song "I Can't Live Without You" for my husband. We met at the age of 14 years. These are the words I wrote to him before writing the lyrics to the song:

"From the day we met at the age of 14 years, our love has grown throughout the years. It has been one of a spiritual force that will forever dwell within my heart. Our journey on this path has led us to marriage with a beautiful family. God has blessed us with profound happiness of two hearts that beat as one, and I Can’t Live Without You."

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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