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I am so impressed with the wisdom behind these writings, shared by Tee Turner. I want to give many others the opportunity to view them. Also, this young man is very talented in writing. I hope you will enjoy these writings as much as I have.

Tee Turner

I'm at a very pivotal point in my life where I'm starting to be ok with some people not being in it or so important to me as they used to be. I believe when you start to mature and grow to a higher place in God some people aren't meant to go to the next level with you. Maybe its cause they are hanging on trying to help me fall or speculating when am I going to fall lol. See at every new level there is a new devil with new tactics and new tricks. And I don't need any distractions. So I'm sorry to inform you but "News Flash" my steps are ordered and I'm taking each step carefully. So if it seems as if I have began to distance myself from you, believe its not you (well maybe it is); but really I'm just going down my to do list....
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When you begin to say that your situation is hopeless, you are slamming the door of opportunity in the face of God. When you begin to give up on yourself you begin to give life to your problem. At this moment your situation has become victorious over you. Don't let your situation overtake you this is not the purpose of your problem. The purpose of your problem is to build your spiritual character. So understand God is doing more for you than that problem can do to you......
.# YourGreaterThanYourIssues

Never allow someone to become your Priority when to them your only an Option! This to me is a form of Manipulation. If someone Truly Loves you the option to manipulate you doesn't even exist in their heart. See True Love shows itself when Manipulation leaves the room. So instead of making them your Priority you have the Option to Prioritize your own Destiny. Just a little background scripture for The Bible readers Matthew 6:33....

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