Always Loving and Missing You

Sandra Chapman


Our first date was Feb. 5, 1989, Sunday,
Meeting you was like meeting a best friend for life,
We talked for hours on end enjoying each others company,
Your persistent personality won me over with laughter,
Only after two weeks of dating I fall in love with you,
You made it impossible not to love you with all my heart.

On this day Aug. 19, 1989 we were married,
Starting a life together meant a lifetime of love that was to last,
For twenty-one years, four months and four days of happiness,
My life with you was an honor, joy, and a blessing beyond compare,
People ask, "When is the honeymoon over between you two?"
Your replied, "Why should it ever end? I'm having too much fun."

Our love for each other was imperishable to the end of your life,
Our love will continue through to life everlasting with The Lord,
Above all miracles knowing we'll be together throughout eternity,
Not as husband and wife, but as brother and sister in Heaven,
For we are not given in marriage as we know it to be on earth,
Living eternity with The Lord is all we'll ever need.

For now I'm left here to carry on without you by my side,
It's hard to except this reality as the days continue on,
There are days when I cry uncontrollable because I miss you so,
The thought of not see you each day makes me feel weak-hearted,
The daytime hours aren't so bad but the nights are wearisome,
Adapting to grief with God's help has given me courage to go on.

The last time we spoke to each other was on courage to go on,
Not really understanding why at the time what was to be,
The dream I had didn't make sense to me until you were gone,
I’ll always remember your loving smile and those big blue eyes,
Your love for me show each day for twenty-one years plus,
Always loving and missing you to the end of time and eternity.

Written by: Sandra Chapman

All rights reserved
Date: 02/02/2011

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