Your Chosen Place, Rest or No Rest


Sandra Chapman

 A mysterious awareness is blowing in the wind,
It's exceedingly closer now than it's ever been,
Nature seems to comprehend the interpretation there within,
Something exciting and wonderful is just around the bin,
God's words of wisdom being proclaimed throughout the land,
Will the world stop and listen to God's truth being told to man,
From the beginning unto the end unfolding His amazing plan,
Genuine salvation, without measure He showed His love toward men,
We've allowed ourselves to think we don't need the Lord until when,
Ignoring the truth we settle for myths saying God doesn't exist,
This doesn't change the facts from the beginning God isn't amiss,
We've made ourselves become gods, we don't need him anymore,
What excused will the world give while kneeling before The Lord,
The Lamb's Book of Life then will be opened all names written therein,
Judgement to all great and small will your name be found there?

Your very words will condemn you, there's no turning back then,
What cries will be heard from men when being judged by Him,
It’s your choices were unwise without foresight to what was ahead,
Without sudden notice angels appear, swooping down with dread,
In the distance a new horizon something glowing in the dark,
The lake of fire indescribable awaits those who took the mark,
Kicking, screaming crying aloud facing unbelievable horrifying fear,

Anguish mourning's of people abandoned all hope who enter here,
You've determined your fate by decisions you made sometime ago,
Without hesitation the angels lets go dropping you in the fire below,
Eternal agony beyond comprehension forever without no ending,
The fearful, unbelieving, idolaters and all liars eternity descending,
The Righteous Judge's last invitation from the book of Revelation,
Spirit of bride say, Come, he that hears, Come, whosoever will come,
Your decision to make choose wisely before all happens above,
Unfortunately some will ignore God's warnings, woes, and his love,
Accountability we much face, consequences for consideration,
Tribulation, fire and brimstone, damnation your future accommodations,
You could have been forever blessed but you've chose this place of no rest, 

Written by: Sandra Chapman
All Rights Reserved
Nov. 21, 2011               

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