Prayer in Times of Distress

“When all hope is gone and your back is against the wall, ‘Pray.’
Ask God to guide you and he will take good care of you.”

― Ellen J. Barrier

And when he was in affliction, he besought the LORD his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers, and prayed unto him: and he was entreated of him, and heard his supplication, and brought him again to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that the LORD he was God. 11 Chronicles 33:12, 13


 Manasseh was the ruler of Jerusalem for fifty-five years. During his range he was described as one who caused the people to commit acts that were displeasing to God. Therefore, he and those who followed his leadership had been warned to correct their errors. And because of his disobedience, it was said “Wherefore the LORD brought upon them the captains of the host of the king of Assyria, which took Manasseh among the thorns, and bound him with fetters, and carried him into Babylon.” 11 Chronicles 33:11

My Thoughts:

In times of afflictions, whether, they are health related, or a condition whereby one feels they are imprisoned, they seek help.  Manasseh, did as many others do, he turned to the God who his ancestors trusted for help. He received help from God, and became a better leader. He corrected many of his wrongdoings. And because of the changes he made in his leadership, the people made some positive changes as well. When leadership is strengthened and governed with righteous behavior, the people are better for it.

Sources for Scriptures: King James Version Bible
___Ellen J. Barrier

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