This is an S.O.S to God (prayer)

Dear God,
This is an S.O.S call to you. This is another day I've awaken to find a heavier burden to bear.
I realize this burden is too heavy for me to bear, so I come to you in so much pain and shame.

Lord please answer this prayer.

My enemies oppress me daily, they criticize me Lord, and scandalize my name. Now, they seek to destroy me.

Lord, I have nowhere to run, and no place to hide.
I know that jealousy, hate, and wrong doings have made me a prisoner and a slave to sin.
They brought me here to this lonely and fearful place, and there is no way out for me.

I heard about a man, named Jesus, who died for me. And that the blood from his wounds, and the pain in his body, and the shame, and suffering he endured on the cross for me, was a sacrificial offering for all.

Jesus, Jesus, God, please show me your mercy Lord, show me your mercy Lord, show me your grace Lord.

Father, please let the blood that Jesus shed clean my soul, and let it free me from this prison.
Father, please remove this burden, and defend me against my enemies, that seek after my soul.
They seek to destroy me Lord. Please answer this S.O.S call.

Jesus, I thank you for the blood, that you shed for me. I can feel your love all around me.
In my heart, I know that you are here.
And I know that your angels are watching over me.

I thank you Jesus, for sacrificing your life for all.
And God, I thank you, for answering my S.O.S call.
__ Ellen J. Barrier
Artist: Ellen J. Barrier
Copy © 2004
All rights reserved by Ellen J. Barrier & Barrier's Books & Associates.

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