Desires the Heart aches For to Satisfy the Soul

Ellen J. Barrier
Spirituality Counselor
Desires are things the heart aches for to satisfy the soul
Bossy Women Who Play the Mother Role in Their Relationships
This kind of attitude cannot fulfill those desires of the soul. It creates an atmosphere of stress for the people in such a relationship. This particular attitude rejects everything the heart desires to satisfy the soul.

Love is built upon the foundation of things that fulfills the soul's desires. The bossy woman who play the role of a mother in her relationship, would reject all of the things the two people need for fulfillment. A bossy attitude creates stress which causes unhappiness in a relationship.

These are things the heart aches for that the soul need for fulfillment or satisfaction:

To be needed

*There are Romantic poems and Love songs, Movies and Novels we enjoy that expresses desires the heart aches for to satisfy the soul of an individual; Unchained Melody is one of the songs.

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