The "Down" Game

Ellen J. Barrier

There is a game in life, called “Down.”  If you play it, you will lose.
I don’t play the “Down” game. 
When I am told, I will lose, I say, I will win!
When I am told I can’t succeed, I say, I will.  
If I am told to stop! I proceed, I persevere!
When I am confronted with difficulties, I endure.
I won’t play this game of control!
I don't back down, and I don't stand down.
I won’t bow down, for anyone.
I won’t play the “Down” game!
I am prepared to win, and not for shame.

*The way out of any bad situation is to never give up.
__ Ellen J. Barrier

"The Down Game"
Written by Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Musician/Song Writer/Creative Writing and Poetry

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