Hope is My Friend

Hope is a friend, who never fails me. When I am in need, it allows me to know I can succeed.

When the way ahead of me, is obscured with clouds of disappointments Hope goes before me, and shines the light to see my way clear.
When I need courage, hope pushes me ahead with the strength I need to persevere, and let me know, there is no need to fear. In times of doubt, hope tells me I can, because it is here.
Hope gives me determination, and strength to believe in myself that I can do whatever I desire. I am inspired to know, that regardless of the situation
and wherever the location, or destination, I have hope.
 Hope is my friend, who will always be with me, to the end.
“Hope is the foundation for which all successful goals are built upon.”

Poem and Quote written by Ellen J. Barrier

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