When Prayer Requests and Thanksgiving is Made to God

In times of distress, and stressful situations, when burdens become heavy, and difficult to carry, due to heartaches, loss, hopelessness, and such things that bring pain and sorrows, we search for comfort through prayers. Our friends and love ones are there to offer their support that gives us strength to move forward.

Songs of praise with prayers and thanksgiving are made to God on our behalf; asking him to intervene and give us his blessings of grace and mercy, and guide us through the storm.

In times of sickness, we pray for healing.
In times of financial loss, we pray for prosperity.
In times of losses, we ask God to restore.
We Pray to God in our times of need, because we believe he answers prayer.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

God answers prayer 2
Performed by Ellen J. Barrier

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